Jumping algo with end point


I want to simulate a jump parabola (my main character evolves on a terrain with no physics, “just” a navmesh)

so there is the old h(t)=vt+at²/2 formula, but I wanted to create a trajectory knowing the start and END POINT (and velocity)

the only thing I found is people with short d… and big complicated mathematical demonstrations to compensate (not mentioning the tons of ebooks I parsed)

so I thought, maybe just using a bezier curve would do the trick, but maybe there is already a nice JME tool/function I could use ?? did not find anything so far

any advice is welcome

What angle do you want to jump at? If ~45 degrees then I guess just invert a parabola between -1 and 1 and scale it to distance.

yep, but the destination point might not be at the same height

This still seems like a solvable problem to me. What is the jump angle you are going for? Is it variable?

Is it more important to look parabolic than to keep a consistent angle? Or do you want to make sure it still looks like a consistent jump?

Either way, I feel like clipping the parabola should be doable.

yes but if I clip the parabola, the destination changes, gets closer
I just want my character to jump on a ledge

I dont know about the angle, I was more trying something with a max heigh and either a start velocity or a max time

Well, I just mean you know delta X and you know delta Y… the only variable is scale. You need to know what scale would make y = 1 - (x * x) true for that x,y, basically.

And the reason I asked about the jump angle is because if you don’t care about it then you can just skew the parabola by the slope and go back to the simpler scaling just in x delta.

works like a charm :smile: thanks