Jumping mouse on Mac bug

Hi there.

I am quite new to jMonkey, but am finding it very useful and simple to work with. But i am experiencing a strange problem with the mouse cursor.

When i set - inputManager.setCursorVisible(true); - each click will flip the position of the mouse cursor, on the x axis.

For example: with a screen with a height of 1000, if i click at posX = 200 the cursor will instantly jump to posX = 800.
If i click at posX = 600, it jumps to posX = 400.

The y-axis is behaving normally.

I have bootcamp with windows 7 installed on my mac, and when i run the same code on windows 7, the cursor behaves normally.

I could not find anything on the subject anywhere. If anyone knows anything it would be cool to hear it. 8)

Primary or secondary screen?

There seem to be some issues with fullkscreen on mac.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Unfortunately, switching to non-fullscreen does not solve the problem. I guess the screen needs to be primary for me to click on it right?

I forgot to mention that disabling the flyCam gets rid of the mouse jumps. The problem occurs when i use flyCam.setDragToRotate(true);

@RuneBB I’m currently having the same problem as you. Did you ever discover any fix? I’ll update this thread if I find out myself. Peace!