(June 2019) Monthly WIP & Screenshot Thread

He was making a joke about the little puffs of smoke from running… which Sonic games tend to have something similar.

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Yes, but if you need troubleshooting please use a different Forum topic.

This and the ball-shaped character. Thanks to the various reboots, younger player might be unfamiliar with the real '90s Sonic.

Here is an image for context:

I’m old actually :smiley: I didn’t play sonic, was more into mario, monkey island, Toni Hawk and even older games like H.E.R.O., bandits and other C64 and Atari ST games :wink:

In a way, you kind of missed out. There was literally nothing else like Sonic when it came out. A game changing 2D platformer.

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Probably in that time I was more into skateboarding and had no time for anything else, so I guess I have to close that gap and play it :smiley:

also dont played sonic, and i played a lot, nintendo, pegasus, DOS games. old good times ;p

but i know sonic is popular.

Yeah, but it’s hard to go back to that time. Playing hours and hours of Super Mario Bros and then popping in Sonic for the first time… that first time you kick into a roll and go shooting through the level so fast… Mario felt like he was swimming in mud after that.

Edit: hahah… took me a hot minute to find this one:


This has a long way to go, but I thought I would post a quick capture if anybody finds it interesting (It’s still a baby, so it’s a little wonky):

The fps are lower due to the screencapture software, there is very little optimization at this stage and the fps for this demo are usually around 650 on my Intel i5 2.6Ghz laptop with hd4000 graphics

(I have since fixed the debug force lines so they do not rotate with the geom, they show as proper vertical now)

And with lighting material…
(The boat Normals are janky due to my coding each vertex, normal, and texcoord poorly by hand)


Ok mine is not that fancy but looks kinda fun :slight_smile:
A chain reaction of explosive barrels.