(June 2024) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Pole Grab Mechanic Finished

I just need to polish the finer details. The basic founation is done.

Edit 2:
A view from the top of a parking lot.

If you like what you see remember to follow on the links below, so I can continue doing great work. :slightly_smiling_face:



Space Shooter Redux (The first thing that occurred to me - taken from Kenney :rofl:)

I recently started updating my libraries and in the process I will be creating a new 2D game (I think I have an obsession with this when using JME :yum:), the goal of the game is to survive as long as possible.

It is a clone of a game that is made in Java (2D Java API), I am implementing it from scratch with jme3 and dyn4j, this new project is really very entertaining.

[ screenshots ]

credits to the original author

I would have liked to share a video, but hey, next time it will be…



That screenshot (scene) looks amazing, I’d like to take a tour of that scene.

Good luck with this project! :+1:

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Started working on a water level.

Edit 2:

Below is the area without jmonkey effects. Will add jmonkey effects later. Wanted to make the area look nice without adding a ton of effects first.

Edit 3:

Oops. I woke up the wrong baddie.

Edit 4:

Added support for Windowed mode. The Lemur gui position now matches as well.

Already had full screen support obviously.

Not supported:
Window resizing. Maybe it works but I haven’t looked into it. And it’s not really a priority at all.


Kenney’s stuff is great. I used it in my Math Attacks educational game (Math Attack! - Simsilica, LLCSimsilica, LLC) which apparently doesn’t work anymore but was fun to help my kids drill math stuff when they were young.

I also used it in my dual joystick test (think original Star Control)

And even more in this little networked space sim prototype:

Fun old stuff. His little ship graphics are very inspiring. Every time I look at them I want to make another little space game.

Must. Stay. Focused. lol

Edit: I just realized the space duel stuff was actually a different 3D ship that just looks a lot like Kenney’s stuff. I leave it in case there are ideas that inspire.


This month I updated and optimized the effects system, and made some interesting effects.


i tried to find about SE3D didn’t find much info in your patreon is it a editor? made with jme? can be used to make jme scenes? can you give me a link to find what exactly it is and usecases?

I originally wanted to develop a game with JME, and then I thought I should make an editor first. So, this editor has been written for several years, and I haven’t started writing my game yet!

This editor is based on JME3, and I basically just integrated the existing things of JME3, but it is not a general JME3 scene editor. The entire scene runtime is very dependent on the framework and configuration I use, so I’m afraid it can’t export a general j3o scene.

I’m using it to make some interesting scenes now, and I want to see how good JME can be.

As for the video links, I have posted them all on my patreon and youtube.


Below is the next evolution of my menu system.

“Button name start id 8”
“Button name back id 7”
“Button name PoV Hat id Down”
These refer to the assigned button on the gamepad.

Bonus points for you if you can guess what video game series is the inspiration for the Inventory screen (image 6). :smirk:

(image 6 start)

(image 6 end)

Edit 2:

I’m faking underwater detail for Simple Water.

I’m using a translucent plane below the water so when the character looks up it sees something. Usually Simple Water culls the back face below.

And I’m mapping a blue tinted texture just below the water plane to give the illusion of a post-processing effect.

I could use the Post Processing water but Simple Water is… simple. I try not to bog down my program if it’s not necessary.


Feeling refreshed yet? :droplet::droplet::droplet:

Improved the overall appearance of the water, again.


The transparent quad on the water surface is a neat idea, I’ve done something similar (but with a plane on-top facing upwards) to change the surface water color, since I never managed to find a direct way to change the actual color of the SimpleWaterProcessor. But now I’ll have to add a down-facing plane on the surface that is visible from underwater like you did as well.

I would also suggest considering using a simple screen filter (such as jme’s stock ColorOverlayFilter) to apply a blue-ish tint when the camera is detected as being underwater. I think that would make your underwater view even better, and it shouldn’t bog the app down at all since its a simple single color overlay.


@yaRnMcDonuts " since I never managed to find a direct way to change the actual color of the SimpleWaterProcessor" A POSITIVE side effect of adding a translucent plane with the normal looking down is that the reflection scene will show it as well. The blue tint in the water you see in my screenshot is from said plane. So no need to add a second one on top. :slightly_smiling_face:

“I would also suggest considering using a simple screen filter” I’m trying to avoid adding screen filters, because that will compete with the UI effects and the Transparency effects, and the Particle effects. Testing to make sure nothing breaks would be an exponential task.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Hello everyone,
new month, new mechanics: ledge hanging system.

Get ready for more strategic climbing with stamina management – plan your movements and rest between ledges to conquer any obstacle!

I had to re-study Blender and the basics of 3d modeling/texturing to implement a test scene that would allow me to take advantage of all the hanging animations with any curved and non-curved surface.
With a lot of math and creativity I tried to make everything work.

With each demo I try to raise the bar of difficulty a little higher and higher.
I hope you enjoy the end result.

If you’re interested, I will be posting some behind-the-scenes pictures in the coming days. :wink:


I’ve finished conducting a hardware survey for the past 3 years and below are the screen sizes my user interface is going to support:

Progressive Display - not anamorphic or interlaced

4:3 1.33:1
256 x 240 (game console)
640 × 480 (game console)
800 × 600 (monitor)

16:9 1.77:1
1280 × 720 (game console)
1600 x 900 (monitor)
1920 × 1080 (game console)

3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) (not now but in the future)

??? 2.22:1
2400 x 1080
Think of this as a 1080 16:9 but longer horizontally.

All other screen sizes the user MIGHT have to go to the settings and play with one or two buttons to adjust the user interface.