Just installed jME and updated, but some of the test classes don't work


I’m new to jME. I just got it installed and updated and was

about to start looking at some of the test classes that come with it,

but some of the classes don’t work.

For example,

In the jme3test.animation, import com.jme3.cinematic.MotionTrack; doesn’t work.

It looks like I’m missing some modules or have an incomplete library.

Several of the classes have similar problems.

Please point me in the right direction for a download.



delete the project. and create a new. Instant fixed

And what if it doesnt fix and i installed jme3 10 time and i still get the half working classes…

I installed it on my labtop and i got no problem and i got all the gridHeightmap GridAlphaMap and water post processing test to show up but on my main pc i got nothing that work correctly and i keep getting a message that a module wont start up correctly after i update it say it could only found 4 of 7…

Do you have a fix on that or i have to reinstal all my windows to have a jme3 working correctly?

To the original poster, I think some of the tests were broken in the base alpha 4 release. You much update to a recent nightly build to get them to work properly.