Just like game:Gun Disassembly

I come from China. 你们吃了吗?
My app(not a game) was about object’s assembly and disassembly ,just like a game: Gun disassembly . Some questions goes here :

  1. How make camera auto move , there are a large number of place to move camera . I want use Blender’s camera in jme app . but I can’t figure it out .
  2. How I operate model like in jmonkeyEngine SDK: left button can rotate it,right button can move it and middle button can scale it . I want a CustomCamera.java
  3. How make the model translucent partly .

Thx :facepalm:

  1. create nodes with names you know, then search for them in the scenegraph and place the camera sync the camera to them. If I understood your question correctly.
  2. Not sure, but you can download the src of the sdk and look how its done there
  3. alphamap would be one way, custom shader another.

If you haven’t looked through them yet, some of the tutorials may provide additional information on these subjects: