Just some questions from a newb

Hello all i am trying to learn how to do some codeing and addventually attempt a game. I have a little expierence with coding but it is very little the best i have done is creat a runescape private server lawl.

I have downloaded jmonkey engine and really like it and have looked at some tuts but im lost. I am wondering were do i get this knowledge say like import com.jme3.app.SimpleApplication; If i didnt look at a tutorial i would have never knew of this. Tuts are good to a point but i learn from doing so i would like to know if there is say a directory or something" The Codeing Dictonary" So i can figure out were i find these things. I hope i wasnt just going on but that someone may know of what i speak of and give me a solution. Thankyou!

These are pretty standard Java idioms that come up again and again… if you find a class you want to use, say by looking in the Javadoc, then you will need to import it. And in this case the JMP IDE will help you out a lot. If you forget an import then it is capable of adding it for you.

The IDE helps a lot in this case… especially for those still trying to get their head around things.

Thanks alot for the reply it kinda opened my eyes. So other than imports will i find things to go along with imports and other things? How do i get the IDE and JMP where can i find the javadoc? Im using windows xp pro just incase that makes a difference in were i might find the file. Im very good with computers so i will understand any kind of instructions you my give. Might i look in the java folder or in the jmonkey engine. Anyways im just rambling thank you pspeed i hope to hear from you soon!

Look in the upper right corner of this page and you will see a download link for SDK Alpha4.

Download that and install it. JMP = SDK. If you run that you will have a nice IDE with the ability to run the tests/demos, create your own project, view javadocs, view online help, edit code in an editor that provides auto-complete, etc…

edit: changed “upper left” to “upper right”… I’m apparently not in my left mind, I mean right mind. :wink:

I wouldn’t try to attempt a game until you have a least a basic understanding of these concepts:

All basic programming constructs (variable types, if, else, for/while loops, functions, importing)

Reference types, casting

Stack and Heap

Classes (Inheritance, polymorphism)

IO Streaming (Files, images)

Abstract data types (Lists, Hash tables)

Compiling and linking

Im sure theres a lot more i’ve forgotten.

I learnt all this using the book - “Java How to Program 8/e” by Deitel and Deitel. I would recommend it, it goes over a broad range of topics and describes all the code used in detail. But im sure theres other ways to learn. Good luck

This site has some good examples for a java quick start:


Thanks alot guys i feel i know have a good range of things to learn. Thanks pspeed for the replys thanks wezrule i acctually said in my post that i wanted to lear the basics then adventually attempt a game. I will look for that book that you suggested. Thanks for the link normen. ill be sure to use these resources to further my knowledge.