KDE Application Icon Blank

This may have been brought up before. Searching yielded no result that I could see. So I thought I’d post it here. There are two issues which I’d like to address, along with work-arounds/solutions for each. These both deal with the installation of jMonkeyEngine in Linux and more specifically in KDE.

When using sudo to install jMonkeyEngine from the install script, if the application is started at the end of the installation, the hidden .jmonkeyplatform directory will be added to the user’s home directory, but it will have root as the owner.

chown -R username:username ~/.jmonkeyplatform

That will fix that issue.

Also in KDE the icon image will show up as nothing or a blank image. I suspect KDE doesn’t like the gif icon. I open the gif in Gimp and save it as a .png. Then I edit /usr/share/applications/jmonkeyplatform.desktop changing the .gif to .png there.

These are very minor issues, but the icon issue should be easy enough to fix, and I thought I’d post about it in case someone ran into either issue and didn’t know how to fix them.

Yes, i have the same issue with the icon. I did a post sometime ago.


Coredevs said that they changed gif to png. But it seems they did not make it for linux.

The icon comes with the application, we cannot change it via an update. But as mirth said, its a png file now (in svn).

i installed latest beta… fully removed old JMP and installed new Beta. It was gif. Not png.

@normen , are you sure you changed to png in the linux version?

What “latest beta”? You’d have to build the application yourself. There is no release with that icon.

ok, understood. We will wait for a new release.