Key was tamperd with or password was incorrect when creating key?


Im trying to release a simple demo of my current game Planet Dash, only problem is that I can’t create a new key.

I made a key for a previous app that I released, but now that one isnt working either.

I copied the password then paste it into the password and confirm password input so I am not using the wrong password.

So because that didn’t work i made a new key, but not even that works!!

When I’m done creating a key and click finish, to create the apk file, then i get:

Keytool Error: IOException: Key was tamperd with or password was incorrect.

I’m out of options on what to do. I cant even release my games anymore… Anyone know any solution?

The ones I found on google is because the keyname contained a comma, My alias is simply “PlanetDasher” >:(

With my little knowledge I suggest creating a new keytools directory and then try to sign your app again. I always prefer to do this with the windows cmd.

I don’t know wheter I’m allowed to share a link, but this is a great manual on how to do this: