Keyboard Input

This seems kind of dumb but I'm using an InputAction class to handle my player movement and controls, trying to keep it all centralized, all is well until I try to use an arrow key.

InputHandler() {
    keyboard.set("forward", KeyInput.KEY_W);
    keyboard.set("backward", KeyInput.KEY_S);
    keyboard.set("camLeft", KeyInput.KEY_LEFT);
   public void performAction(InputActionEvent iae) {
      char c = iae.getTriggerCharacter();
      if (c == 'a') {...

How do I know based purely on the inputactionevent what action is occuring here? I can't use the char because for the arrow keys that wouldn't work and really it seems like I should be using the "backward" and "camLeft" and not looking at the key. I know the old way of handling keys pressed is still available, is it just not practical to use the input system like this? Should I just move the code to the game loop and use the older check all commands to see if they are active setup? It seems like I'm missing something obvious here.

You should not have any "if (c==something)" in your actions. Create a new action object for different actions. Probably invoke same methods with different parameters in there…

That's kind of what I thought, have to re-vamp how I did that, though i coulda swore I stole that from flagrush, maybe I bastardized it more than I recall.

…or Mark decided it was too complicated to start with it right away. Later lessons of flagrush even revise some things that have not been that nice in former lessons…