Lack complete tutorials

I learned JME3 following this tutorial.

It’s only the game loop and player control, i wish it would teach to make a full game with ai, hud, inventory, physics objects, save and load , scene selection and best practices.

JME3 needs more like this one, up to date with 3.2, covering more game aspects. For example teaching how to make a tps game or a space ship shooting game.

A lot of good stuff is here.

Here is an asteroids game.

And @pspeed has a few gems in his repository.

Why not slow down and use the wiki. Its setup to be read like a book. Start at the tutorials and work your way down each link till you hit the end…

You will be much better off for doing so. You won’t be coding any games for awhile but you’re not going to be able to do that anyway by watching videos. The videos just can’t go into things in depth.

This tutorial helped me a lot to get started quickly and understand lot of things i would have missed in a wiki, it explains things better and easier without loosing you in many chapters you don’t really need to read.

I already got what i need covered, the lack of game tutorials like below in JME3 is only an observation.

I didn’t find anything similar for JME3.

Hey Browser! Welcome to the forums. It looks like you’re doing well, congratulations! :slight_smile:

And since you started this topic, I’d just say that you can register your success and findings by creating a tutorial for others about what you have learned. Watching a tutorial and making a game by following it is great, but learning to make a game and creating a tutorial for other to follow is even greater :slight_smile:

I started JME3 thanks to Joseph Montanez who made those videos, without him i would not be using JME3.
To get more, JME3 community can make a call for game tutorials.

Not video tutorial, but in case you like, beside jme wiki , in jme home (at bottom of the page) you can find three books.

Also you can find runnable tests and examples for almost each part of the engine in jme3-examples in below link.

After you done with them you can start with taking an example game and run through the code.

One of those examples that I found it very great and is also multiplayer based is this one