Last updates break jMP

After updating jMP’s svn I get the following.

The green rectangle is the first error afaik.

Then I get spammed with countless messages (in blue rectangle).

Finally hitting OK on the top blue rectangle error window I get the red rectangle’d error.

it also happened to me a while ago and i have no choice but to uninstall jme. i also wondering why is this error occur after using the updates.

This problem is caused by commit 9138 ( I think that was pushed yesterday morning.

@chacha said:
i also wondering why is this error occur after using the updates.

nightly updates are just that, nightly updates, with all their issues and problems
@madjack: thanks, we'll check.

somethin like


Seems like something didn’t get clean build if we get a no such method error.

Maybe there is a bug in the way the nightlies are built that is somehow doing it incrementally?

Well I cleaned the workspace now and triggered a build, lets see.

yes. the same behavior here -.-

Anything new on that front?

Anyone knows if the new build will work? I haven’t updated since then since I can’t run the SDK.

I imagine I’ll have to reinstall to bring it back to life right?


It might be possible, or not, but here’s something that I’d like to see with jMP:

A safe mode.

Safe mode could be invoked manually or after a crash (like the above) occurred.

In that mode, only the basic modules would load, maybe that mode could contain static modules that can’t be updated by the updater. Thus ensuring that safe mode always work.

You could also revert the last updated modules, effectively working like a backup restore.

Other things that could be done in that mode; UI reset, restoring default config, etc.

That might be feasible I think. It would take a while do make though, but knowing something like that to be eventually pushed would make things easier in the long run. I am particular when it comes to my settings and having to redo all of it because of a faulty build (or module) is a bit frustrating.

Last, even if I had the time to work on something like that, my knowledge of jMP’s (and NetBean’s) internals is far too scant. Also, time constraint effectively nullifies that.

Anyone has thoughts on the subject?

You can just save your settings directory.

I built a new version but your install will probably stay broken until the next change is in svn as else the plugin version won’t be upped.

I’m using the stable repository while this :).

I’m just here to compliment Glauco on his Rhapsody background… I haven’t listened much since the name change but I have fond memories of Dawn of Victory :slight_smile:

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This problem should have been fixed by Normen’s rebuild, by the way… but we won’t know unless someone tries it.

I’m personally too far behind to up date my JMP at the moment. The issue was definitely caused be an incremental build, though, as there was no bug in the actual code. So presuming it was built fully this time then issue should be gone.

Will reinstall in a bit. Wish me luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I realize it’s been a long time since I posted, and Normen replied and the problem got fixed. But, since I’m working on the crafting schematics of the game, which is close to 500 “recipes” on OpenOffice’s Calc, I didn’t really need the SDK. Now that I’m almost done with that I’ll need the SDK in running order.

Anyway, I’ll repost after reinstalling with the result. crosses fingers

Nothing exploded, so that’s good. :wink:

Now that the SDK is working, I will do some late adjustments (some values are erroneous) and finally grab a new video for the game. Yes, finally. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the hard work guys. :wink: