Latest video of Taunklet (JGF example game)


Just wanted to share a short video of Taunklet. This game serves as an example of what Java Game Framework (JGF) can do.


And the link to JGF project:

Java Game Framework (JGF)

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Oh joy, JGF is back in action! Will you be working with jME3 now?

erlend_sh said:
Oh joy, JGF is back in action! Will you be working with jME3 now?

I downloaded and tried JME3 a few weeks ago, in order to switch to JME3 completely but I discovered my laptop is not able to run JME3.

I will be sticking to JME2 for now Hopefully, adding a separate JME3 component layer should be reasonably easy as JGF is mostly engine-agnostic, but I am unable to work on that at the moment.

On quite a different topic, have you considered changing the name to something more specific? I find myself searching for “Java Game Framework” when I remember there’s something I wanted to check out about your project, but every time I’m met with a bunch of other java game frameworks, even jMonkeyEngine, because it’s such a general name. JGF actually puts your project page on #7 in my search, so that in itself is a little more specific. Anyways, I’m just curious if you’ve been thinking of any alternatives?

(I know, it’s a little funny that I should be the one to point this out after having suggested the “SpiderMonkey” name to @Levia without realizing that it was the name of an established Mozilla technology already… my bad :frowning: )

Never thought of any alternatives, though the framework was originally named “General Game Framework”, and I later renamed it trying to be a little bit more specific about what it was.

I know you can’t just flip a switch and change the name just like that, but I just felt like throwing some ideas around. Keep in mind that if you ever did change the name of JGF, it would naturally still be referred to as a Java game framework, because that’s what it is, so a namechange can really only go one way for your search ranking.

First suggestion:

GamePlant ( is available)

I like the word ‘plant’ because it can mean both ‘factory’ and ‘vegetation’, creating a nice intersection between factory style assembly lines and organic growth and branching.

A google search guessed that I wanted to type GamePlanet. Opting for the original GamePlant returns only 10’000 results, with a link on top. Verdict: It would take a minimum amount of publicity to rank #1 with this name.

@Erlend: No … please no more weird name suggestions. Silverback3D was enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I think JGF is okay, at least there’s nothing identical to it. Even jME has that problem due to that rapper in London (try searching jme on google).