Lemur dependencies

i need lemur dependencies/setup instructions for dummies. im lost LOL.

Have you seen this yet?

mhm, i found the correct slf4j download but feel like im being dumped into the sea for guava and groovy

Do you use a modern build tool or are you stuck on the 25 year old ANT build tool?

If you are using ANT and really get stuck you can download or clone the Lemur repository then go to the examples/demos directory… run:

../../gradlew distZip

It should download all relevant dependencies put a distribution zip into build/distributions. If you unzip that then you will find all of the jars in there.

(Note: you do not need gradle installed to do that, only java. gradlew will download what it needs.)

i think neither?

i opened with that i’m lost but i really do want to learn.

So you are just opening a command line and running javac?

Life will be hard unless you use some sort of build tool. Most JMonkeyengine applications use gradle but maven will also work fine if you prefer