Lemur menu select jumps with analog joysticks

I wonder if there is a possibility to make the analog joystick for the Lemur menus less sensitive. Bc with analog joysticks menu selection it often happens that it just jumps back after releasing the joystick. If it would react on let’s say +0.5 and -0.5 but not in between it probably would be less sensitive at small axis changes. Not sure if it is clear.
I got this feedback from a lot of my testers and I also observe and always use the dpad and not the analog sticks.

It’s certainly possible. If someone submits a pull request then it happens faster.

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If I remember correctly setting the deadzone fixed it for me. No need to PR

Do you have a code snipplet for that so I could set this deadzone? Thanks a lot.

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On a side note, on BigBanana I managed it manually, as I am sidestepping jme logic… :frowning:

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