Lens flare


Hi tried the lensflare effect with the textures in the jmetest.jar file and it’s pretty amazing… two minutes of code for a great effect…

I am more and more pleased with jme… Great engine !!!1


Thanks, glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Hello !

wouldn't it be better to use an array of occluders with flare.setRootNode() or is there another way to do the same?


Thanks !

You can do that with a Node already, but it probably would be more convenient with being able to pass in a list though so you don't have to mess with existing scene hierarchy.

otoh it is faster to check against a scene hierarchy than iterating through a list…

yeah but in my case it doesn't seem logical to make a node with the different occluders I need …

anyway for me it's ok !  :wink:

Yes I think a constructor with a list would be logical …

Unfortunately I'm not experienced enough to make these changes…

If someone could contribute … (?)


It's done thanks