Light and Object

Hey, if I load an object from blender (ex: red cone) in JME without light, the object is white. But I want to see the color of it. I tried it with a point light in the 3d Model, but then it’s black…? Is there any possibility to do this without light, if not, how could I do it?

A light inside the model will not shine on it I guess? Put it outside the model.

do you mean in every direction? front, back,left, right. As if I put a pointlight over my model, some faces are black or gray…

Well, yeah… A point light above a model cannot light the bottom of the spatial… Maybe you put directional lights from multiple directions to have an “even” distribution…

I created an object and this time also the light in blender, exported it as an .obj, but it’s still white? does .obj support light?

I dont think so