Light enabling and nodes visibility


I can see that a Light class has ‘enabled’ flag.

There is a method to get the flag but no class has a method to change it and thus disable the light.

Is it planned so or just one method missing?? :slight_smile:

I know I can attach and detach the light, but sometimes it would be easier to do it just by changing the flag.

The same goes for ‘visible’ flag for Node and Spatial classes.

Would it be possible to add it??

Sometimes I’d like to show or hide it and detaching from parent and later adding it once again makes it quite a lot of work.

If someone thinks here that I am lazy ... well, he or she is probably right ;)


For items, its the “CullState” you are searching for. For lights, you can simply detach them to deactivate them.

setCullHint worked. Never thought of this easy solution ;).Thanks normen.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

It really helped.