Lighting Editor?

I was looking around in jME to see if there was a lighting editor.  Based on what I've seen thus far it would seem there isn't one?  I was considering making one if others think that would be beneficial?  Sort of like RenParticleEditor but would give you the ability to add lights.

Good call, in fact - if you could make it also allow shadows - then wow

I think I'll create a LightingEditorGameState that can be added an already existing game and you can have UI to edit and configure lighting for the game…

while i'm sure a light editor would be useful, i'm not sure about this darkfrog. imho this rather looks like something belonging to a tool/extension pack and not really in the engine. same goes for renanse's particle editor (again - only imho).  :expressionless:

You're correct to an extent.  We should probably have a special package for "tools" like this and when a build is made it can be a separate jar, but I don't see anything wrong with putting it directly in jME.

i wasn't objecting to putting the tools into the repository but into jme core or tests.

and i don't think it's good to enforce GameState on users. the lights tool should be more lightweight. users could still add the generated light configuration to a game state.

i hope you understand what i mean 

Yep, I understand…but it's still going into a GameState.  :stuck_out_tongue: