Hi all,

i was just adding light in my scene, and it has a particle system which I dont want to be lit. So I did this:

LightState lsDisabled = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem().getRenderer().getLightState();


but it isn't working. Any ideas?

Ive also tried this:


but that also appears to not work.

Any ideas?

For lightstates, the default mode will collect all the lights (up to max of 8... ) in the gathered states and place them in a new state set at the given Geometry. For example, if you have a parent node with 1 light set and a child node with 2 lights set, the child would automatically apply a state with 3 lights set. See the javadoc notes in LightState for explanations of the other modes.

You need to set the Geometry's (Particle System) light combine mode to replace (setLightCombineMode(int mode)).

Replace is defined in TextureState.

gotcha. Thx for the help ape man