LinearVelocity on Multiplayer

Hello all, I have a doubt.

I’m developing my multiplayer game where the players are moving and send 20 messages per second, and I am using interpolation in those intervals to make the game more fluid, but what happens with object that use linearVelocity to move???

I don’t know whether send one message per movement or not since I need all spatials are synchronized.

With Character problem I have not problem because when I receive the message, I set the physicalPosition, rotation and walkDirection.

any suggestions???

thanks before hand.

I guess you have serious lag on your network because your post got “triple” posted…

If you see the “activity” icon in your browser after clicking then something is happening, just wait a second before mashing the “send” button :roll:

MonkeyZone is an example game that does all this, maybe you want to check that and its documentation, just enter “monkeyzone” in the wiki search box in the upper left right.

jajaja sorry for the triple post…this network have a proxy that restricts the “game” word, and my first two post had “LinearVelocity on Multiplayergame” XD

thanks normen, I’ll check MonkeyZone :slight_smile: