Link click count not added when link is opened in new tab

I see that each link posted on the JME forum has a number next to it that tells you how many times its been clicked. But lately I’ve noticed when I open another user’s link as a new tab by middle clicking, the count doesn’t go up for my click.

I guess this is a very minor problem, but I thought it could still be useful to mention it since it could make our forum discussions appear slightly less active than they really are.

Note: it seems to only count your click once.

I routinely open links in a new window and it seems to have counted the view. (opening it directly does not increase the count so I’m pretty sure the second click was mine)

I double checked with a link that had 0 clicks - it did not count my first middle-click action to open in a new tab, but it did count my second click which was a standard left click redirect. And then it did not count anymore clicks after that.

It only happens to me on this device using google chrome, so maybe it has something to do with that. But for the past few months I’ve been noticing my middle-clicking doesn’t trigger the count on my first unique attempt, and finally decided to test it to be sure.