Link to line of code in stack trace is not working in SDK

When I click the blue link to go to the source of the error in the SDK, nothing happens.

This only seems to occur some of the time, but I have noticed it happens all of the time with my largest classes.

Nothing happens when I click the blue link to in this screenshot, but it does still work if I click any of the other links in that stacktrace. My map class is 8k lines of code so I suspect it might have something to do with that.

I’ve also been experiencing this issue in the SDK for a long time now, but held off on reporting it because I’ve always been trailing behind the most recent SDK release by at least a version or two and had hoped it would go away when upgrading. But now I’m using the latest 3.6 version and am stilling having this problem.

I first started experiencing this issue when I upgraded from version 3.3 of the SDK to 3.4 sometime last year. So I suspect if I revert to one of the last 3.3 stable versions of the SDK the issue would go away.

Do any SDK devs have any idea what could be causing this, or has anyone else experienced it?

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I’m not an SDK developer, but I see a similar issue with NetBeans 17, so I imagine it’s a NetBeans issue.

Apache NetBeans 18 should be released any day now; if NB 18 solves the linking issue then it’s likely the solution will soon trickle down to the JME SDK.


I am amazed at the endless issues that netbeans has had since apache took it over. I have ranted about it in the past, but to be honest all I use anymore is IDEA. It saves much time having good tooling. I pay for the jetbrains all products license and it is the best money I have ever spent.


It only goes away if is reported to Netbeans. There is active development and I would imagine this is quite a big issue.