Linux install?

Hey, I recently came across your game, which appears to be quite a great piece of work.

I’ve installed the “extended demo” file.

However, it only installs as a zip file, not a java file.

I run Crunchbang Linux, and have for awhile. I know I have java correctly installed for I am able to run Minecraft proficiently.

I cannot seem to get the file to open in a .jar format. I’m fairly good at using command line, however I don’t know it all. So, I was curious if anyone could provide me with the installation process for 3079 within Linux?


You downloaded the 3079DemoInstaller-v2.5.3b.jar file? You should be able to open that with Java – did you go through an installation procedure with progress indicators / shortcut creation pages?

There is a chance Java isn’t associated with Jars correctly, and you are just opening the JAR files in Archive Manager. Have you tried right clicking the Jar and going to Open With… Java?

Once you install it properly, you should be able to use the shortcut to play.

Yeah, I downloaded that yesterday to give it a go in order to see if it’s compatible with my graphics card. It said it would download in the .jar format, but it ended up in the zip format for some reason.

I never went through an installation process, however. Though, I think my main problem is that it downloaded as a .zip file. When I try to download it, it claims the file is a .jar. However, once I download it, it ends up as a .zip file… So, basically, it just doesn’t install as a .jar. Perhaps I’ll try downloading it off of a different browser.


Oh! I got the install prompt (which was what I couldn’t get anyway.)

I merely changed the extension to .jar and it worked. Haha, wow, I can’t believe I didn’t try that earlier.

Thanks for your prompt replies.

I still wonder why you were getting a ZIP file? MediaFire messing up the download perhaps? :confused: Glad to hear you got it working!