ListBox possible issue with slider/rangedvaluemodel

There seems to be an issue with the ListBox’s slider.
When i use the slider manually everything works. But if i try to implement autoscroll with:




it scrolls not to the last item, but to the penultimate item.

        consoleView.getOutputList().add(new Label(text, new ElementId("listbox." + + ".label"), "console"));
        if (this.consoleView.getOutputList().size() > CONSOLE_OUTPUT_HISTORY) {
        RangedValueModel model = consoleView.getOutputListbox().getSlider().getModel();

Without looking, it might be that the slider itself is ‘upside down’ with respect to what a list box would expect. Since visually, y is up it may be that the top of the slider is not 0 but max… which is backwards for what we think of for list boxes.

I’m neck deep in my own swamp at the moment so cannot look deeper myself.

I have checked that, it should work with 0, and it does work when setting 0 at a later time.
It does however not work when setting it directly after adding an object

It works as expected if i call ListBox.updateLogicalState(0); before setting the slider value.