Little enhancement for


private void readPassStatement(), line 266 (default keyword branch)

is currently

[java]System.out.println(matName + ": " + keyword);[/java]

should be changed to:

[java]System.out.println("MaterialLoader.readPassStatement:" + matName

  • " uses unsupported keyword ‘" + keyword+"’");[/java]

    Because, as in my case, for someone new to the engine, a statement like:

    Ninja: emissive

    Unsupported texture_unit directive: tex_coord_set

    doesnt give you any clue if you did something wrong oand/or where that error - if is is any - occured.

    Also, in readTextureUnitStatement(), line 189, it would be nice to have

    [java]System.out.println("MaterialLoader.readTextureUnitStatement: " + matName
  • " has unsupported texture_unit directive ‘"+keyword+"’");[/java]

Yukk, no System.out.println should be anywhere ^^ We’ll have to use logger there.

then use the logger if u prefer. but the current code just produces a wtf :wink:

Okay now the message is clearer and the logger is used.