Live camera streaming with jMonkey

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone has tried implementing a live video feed in a jMonkey application before. For example, displaying a live feed being transmitted from a web camera to an application. I’ve been having a look at JavaFX but I was wondering if anyone has had experience with other solutions?


Actually, you can get the webcam stream directly in java, and you have some exemple out there on how display that on a swing window.

I think that this will not go smoothly on android, however.

I have successfuly made cam capture and video playback in JME via JavaCV. Pretty easy it comes. However, I did it for desktop and I won’t tell you anything about Android. If you need it, I guess the answer can be found on JavaCV pages - whether it has binaries for Android or not.

In the end I used VLCJ and Swing frames which worked well for my application. I don’t need anything for Android. Thanks for the suggestions.

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