Load converted obj to j3o file

Hello everyone ,
i saved a obj file to j3o file. like this :

protected static void saveOptimizedModel(Spatial reducedModel, String modelPath) {
BinaryExporter exporter = BinaryExporter.getInstance(); 
String pathWithoutExtension = modelPath.substring(0,modelPath.lastIndexOf("."));  
File file = new File(pathWithoutExtension.concat("_OPTIMIZED.j3o"));
try {
 exporter.save(reducedModel, file);
 } catch (IOException ex) {
  "Error: Failed to save optimized spatial!", ex);

And when i load this new j3o file with the assetManager I get this image:

but i want this:

I think the material file from the obj file will not be saved in j3o.
I get this error:

The material parameter is not defined: null. Ignoring..

Can someone help?

The images have to be available at the same path in the assetmanager they were at when the obj was loaded.

yes. I save the new j3o in the same folder as the old obj file . But this error occurs.

So does it work when you do it in the SDK?

when i click on the obj file i cant convert it. Do i need any tools?

Either have it in the assets folder to convert it or use the model import tool (green arrow in the toolbar).

i use the jme3 with eclipse :slight_smile: there exists no green arrow in the toolbar.

Open the SDK Go File->Import->External Project assets, specify your eclipse project folder and the assets folder.