Loading a model and using as SharedMesh


I'm a recent convert from Xith3D, but a newbie to jME.

I want to load a model file (i'm using 3DS but that's not important) and use it many times, it's a tile based game and the models are for the walls.

So I'm assuming I'd want to use something like SharedMesh for this.

Once I've loaded my model and read it in using JmeBinaryReader I get a Node object, how can I use this with SharedMesh which takes a TriMesh as input?  :?

I know I'm missing something obvious but I can't see any conversion I can do (I've check the tutorials and FAQs/Wiki)

SharedNode? :slight_smile:

llama said:

SharedNode? :)

Dhuuuur! I guess I should have tried that before posting.
Well that seems to work fine, thanks for the help