Loading Model - Node vs Geometry

So I’ve been following the beginner’s guide book and in there we loaded the Jaime model. The model was converted into a node. Now I am trying to load a music box model, and whenever I try convert it into a node, it gives me an error that a geometry cannot be converted into a node. When I convert it into a geometry it works great.
My question is then, how do I know when to convert a loaded model spatial into a node and when into a geometry? Does it depend on whether the model is animated or not? Jaime was animated, whereas the music box is not.

See last paragraph:

I know of the instanceof operator. So, there is no determinant from the model as to whether it should be a node or a geometry? I just need to test it every time and convert accordingly?

Usually the obj and ogre importer create a Geometry when its only one Geometry in the file. Otherwise its a Node.

You’re supposed to know what you’re loading… :chimpanzee_amused:

If you don’t care if it’s a Geometry or a Node… then it’s just a Spatial.

If you do care then you need to know what you are loading… just like you’d have to know if your texture is a normal map or a regular texture.

Yea, I realize that I would know if I would be making the models on my own, but I just found some models online. Well, anyways, thanks for the help