loadTexture with BufferedImage

Hello !

I am using JFreeChart to generate a chart (seriously ? :P).

This chart gives me a bufferedImage (in 2D)

Then I want to display it on the screen (with transparency)

Also, this bufferedImage will update every second.

Since I am a beginner, I really don’t know if what I’ve done until now is fine.

-I created a “flat” box

-I created a material

-I created a texture

And I want it to loadTexture(from BufferedImage) with my BufferedImage from JFreeChart.

But it asks for some special arguments minification and magnification Filter.

What are these things ?

-Is my method correct ?

-How do I load a bufferedImage then display it on the screen ?

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Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:

Use a Quad not a “flat box”.


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Wow !

Thanks A LOT pspeed !

That seriously helped me a lot !