localTranslation(): Center or lowest point

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I have a quick question:

Say I import a “plane” from Blender, or a box, is the localTranslation then the lower-left edge value? (Like the one I need to add the scale (fullExtends) onto to have the opposite edge) or is it rather the center along with the halfExtends?

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It should be the center of your Blender scene. So when you move the object along the Y axis, it will still rotate around the center of the scene.

The local translation is the object origin point. You can read more about it here:


Okay, so this is not jme related but rather how I import/move my object, I see.

btw: Currently I pass some parameters using custom properties (userdata in jme) for e.g. the width of the Plane, is there another easy way to do it?


Geometry g;
if (g instanceof PlaneGeometry) {
  ((PlaneGeometry)g).getWidth(); }

In other words, to check the type of a geometry and get it’s parameters.

Or does JME handle every Geometry/Mesh as “something with a Vertex and an Index-Buffer”

If the plane is axis-aligned you can measure its dimensions by using the bounding box extents.
You can set custom properties in Blender, but they may or may not get passed into jME3 (depends on the importer being used).

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