Lock Picking in Script Blocks ... Help me think of Ideas

I was talking with a friend at the San Antonio Hacker Space (10bitworks.com) and he was explaining to me how keys and locks work. Now that I have the limited range finders I want to incorporate some sort of Key(BlockShape) and Lock(Range Finders hooked up to Logic Blocks).

Let me know if anyone has any Ideas.

Link on how locks work.





You have logic gates, aye? Maybe you implement a input interface for special logicgates so you can input a bitmask (or so) for the lock. This is representing the staves in the lock.

The key just has to have the same bitmask so you get a positive output out the lock.

Lockpicking could be implemented by taking a random number genereator and create random bitmask… Brute force so to say…

Am i aiming in the right direction? :slight_smile:

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@KuroSei I think you and I have the same idea on how it should work, but Im trying to figure out how I will use it in a game level.

I guess it could be as simple as build a key out of blocks that will trigger this logic gate output frequency of greater then 0.

Hmm maybe I will make a un-cut key on a detach block and have them add or take away the blocks that represent they teeth of the key.

Thanks for the input.

One way to use it ingame would be a logic gate. Its output is zero as long as none or a wrong key is attached to the input. Its output is true whatsoever when the right key is attached.

An other way i could think of is simply a physics dependent thing. Maybe you could combine the logic and the physics gates…

My idea here is, that you have the logic-lock and physical pin-blocks. Pin blocks can be grouped representing a keycode. This pingroup is then attached to the logic-lock-block ( haha, rhymes :smiley: ).

Whenever the right key is inserted, so the logic-block outputs true, the group changes to an off state. If the output is false the pingroup triggers to an on state.

There we have 2 options:

Blocks of type A wont change (They represent 0 in the bitmask)

Blocks of type B will add One block automaticly in the direction they face.

maybe even type C with 2 Blocks attached so you have a greater level for security… and pinsize. :stuck_out_tongue:

This way you could actually build doors… or locks… or build that thing in logic gates and combine it with rangers… haha. awsome stuff.

I love your project. It reminds me of garys mod. :smiley:

ScriptBlocks Logic Gates and Limited Range Finders to make a Key Lock system that opens a door :slight_smile:

@KuroSei Thanks for you help. This is what I came up with



I like! Now i understand clearly what you wanted to do. I thought yous earched a way with which cou yould combine locks with rangers or so. But you wanted to build the lock-mechanics totaly with rangers… It looks so awsome. :slight_smile: I like!