Looking for an online PDF book on JMonkeyEngine for beginners


I am from Ukraine, and currently it seems that shipments to Ukraine are not available on sites like Amazon, so I can’t order a printed book.

Right now, I’ve watched several YouTube courses on JMonkey, but none of them were satisfying. The one I’m watching now seems to be aimed at experienced game developers, because there are many terms I don’t understand, and they are not explained.

Could you please advise a comprehensive book on JMonkey which is suitable for people with zero game development experience? I have a bit of experience in enterprise Java and know a bit of Java fundamentals (core), so I’m not completely new to programming but I am completely new to gamedev.

I googled some “JMonkey for beginners” book or something like that. Is it good enough? If so, do you know where I can buy online PDF version?

Maybe the book is not the best choice for me, and I should study your free documentation? Or is it aimed at game developers as well that just want to use JMonkey as a new tool?

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Hello, book is good, but myself i dont needed it. Im sorry i cant answer first question part.

About last question:
There are a lot of good examples and resources.

Starting from Wiki, github examples, HUB topics, and JME Tests showing some possibilities.

Anyway best start would be find some good example game project. Best if ECS based one.

I belive book might be best start, tho its not the only way, remember.

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Thanks for your reply. It’s quite bad we don’t have any JMonkey books at book shops in Ukraine. At least I haven’t found ones.

jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Game Development: A Practical Guide — is this book good for total beginners in game development?


Maybe check the one from Packtpub

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Keep in mind, those books are for JME 3.0, which is quite old these days.

I would recommend a general book for game development, so you know the general terms and techniques needed for game dev and use jme-wiki and javadocs to code your game, jMonkeyEngine APIs follows the conventional names other game engines use with the different can be revealed easily through the documentation.

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Hi Deema,

I have read all the j monkey books that are out there. I found them very helpful.

They shut down zlibrary I think but maybe you can try to find an alternative?
I think any of the books are good for beginner’s, with maybe reading the cookbook last. Although the books are quite old the only outdated stuff that I really found was the animation section as the engine moved to a new system with Anim Composers.

I personally like to read books and I found the books very helpful for understanding how games work with rendering, and then things feeding the update loop and things that I still don’t understand very well :melting_face:

Like mentioned running through the beginner sections on the Wiki gives you a feel for whassup as well.

That’s what I’ve done as I started and I found it helpful.

Happy adventuring :slight_smile:


Their android application is still working, however there still pdfdrive.com

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Thank you for your replies, guys.

Could you please advise me a good beginner’s book about general game development? Cause now I’ve found free PDF download for " jMonkeyEngine 3.0 : Beginner’s Guide"

and so I have free money to spend on another book. :slight_smile:

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I am not aware of so many, as i am currently focusing more on infra and core development of hardware; however, you can search for some paper books on springer.com and apress.com, for example Game-development-methodology, Happy studying time, and let me know here if you find something good…

Hey Bro, Use libgen to download your book instead of zlib.
libgen has several .* i think last one i used was libgen.rs

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