Losing Color on Blender Import

Hi All, I’m New t this forum, so I’m hoping you can help me out!

This is probably a newbie issue, but I’m not hugely comfortable with Blender at all, so I’m hopelessly lost at the moment. Anyways, let’s get down to business!

Here’s my model, in Blender, very simple, only two cylinders and a rectangle. Notice that it has color.


Here it is after converting it to a .j30 and opening it in SceneComposer: (Note: No Color)


And finally, here it is in the actual program, note, no color.


Here’s the actions I’ve taken:

  • Made the model in Blender, consisting of just 2 cylinders and a rectangle
  • Opened the “Properties” panel and clicked on “Diffuse”
  • Set a diffuse color of | RED: 1.000 | GREEN: 0.000 | BLUE 0.000 | and an intenstiy of .800
  • “Save as” to my JME file system
  • Go to JME and right click the .blend file, selecting “convert to .j30 binary”
  • Open in SceneComposer…
  • See No Color <---- That’s the Problem

    So, any ideas? I’ve already done this method probably 20 or more times on other models, successfully. (the other two models in the last screenshot are done using the exact same method).

    So, what kinds of things could cause this behavior all of a sudden?


Make sure the material is linked to the object’s data in blender. Is the model red before you converting it to j3o?

What do you mean by “linked to the object’s data in Blender”?? sorry, while I’m an experienced programmer, I’m very new to Blender… ><!

and If you mean “is it red” in Blender, prior to the export, yes.

Here’s the file, for anyone who may be interested in looking it themselves.


1- I meant when you load your .blend file in scenecomposer (before converting it to j3o).

2- http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Materials/Assigning_a_material#Linking_material_to_object_or_object.27s_data

Btw i’ll check your model.

Nope, it doesn’t have color for me when viewing the .blend file in SceneComposer. And it appears to be linked to the data. So that shouldn’t be the issue, at least i think. and thanks! hopefully having the actual file will lend some solid direction to our search!

Sorry, I couldn’t reproduce the issue, my sdk and blender are very out of date, maybe someone can help you.

Aww, darn, well thanks for the effort!

Hey, just an update, I figured it out, so all is well for now. Well, I didn’t really “figure it out” per se, I just rebuilt the model from the ground up and it worked, so i don’t know what the exact issue was, but for now, it’s fixed. Thanks for the help though, these forums seem very knowledgeable!