Low FPS with VSync and fullscreen mode

Hello it’s me again.

I noticed that when I am in fullscreen mode and have VSync enabled I got very low fps. In window mode with VSync there is no problem. If I disable VSync for both (fullscreen and window mode) it runs normal too. It is just the combination of fullscreen and vsync causing a huge fps drop down to ~20 FPS or fewer.

I am not sure if this is hardware related or has anything to do with JME ?! I use 3.1 xbuf snapshot.

Maybe someone can comment on that.

My hardware is:
AMD Phenom II 840 3.2 GHZ quad core
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760


It is work of vsync to lower fps to sync with your monitor refresh rate. It limits fps to 60 in my case.

And regarding screen size. As resolution goes up it impact on fps.

I know, for me it’s the same: VSync locks the frame rate to 60 in window mode. But in fullscreen I get for some reason ~20FPS.

What do you get in full screen without vsync?

Edit: and do you set any other app settings?

Several hundred frames per seconds.

No, not really, I tried to set the frame rate to value of 1000, just to see if it has an impact, but no it hasn’t.

I restarded my computer, ran the application again and now it is fine again. I have no idea but maybe there was something interfering with something (if you can say so). When I know where exactly that problem came from, I will tell you.

Did you attach a VideoRecorder? What OS and driver are you running?


Windows 10. With driver you probably mean the graphic card driver, right? Well, I use 372.70 which is pretty new.

In Windows such things are usual. Believe me ! :wink:

Haha :smile: