LSF Blueprints - open beta

You all probably already know my Lightspeed Frontier companion app - LSF blueprints. It’s been in development for half a year and in closed alpha for quite some time, but now it’s time. Time to show it to the world. Time for open beta.

Um, wait, what is this all about?

LSF Blueprints is an Android companion app for @MoffKalast’s Lightspeed Frontier PC game. It allows you to build spaceships on the go and later send them to the PC and play with them just like you have built them on the PC.
App is at the moment especially useful for building with unlimited amount of modules. In the future that will change when saved ships will not be loaded directly but instead be used as a blueprint and you will need to have appropriate modules to construct the ship from a blueprint.

##I don’t care give me the screenshots
Here you go :wink:

##Awesome, where do I sign up?
We use Google Play’s open beta, so you have to sign up in the link below. After that you’ll be able to download the app from Goolge Play normally.

If it says the app is unavailable, be patient. I just uploaded the first beta apk, and Google Play needs some time to update stuff.

Sync does not work with the current Steam version of LSF, because that version is using an outdated sync system. If you are in the LSF Steam closed alpha/beta, you’ll have to wait till @MoffKalast updates the PC game (new sync is already built into the latest version, it just hasn’t been published yet). If you used to be in the closed alpha before Steam and you would like to get a Steam key, head over here and request it.

Here I’d also like to thank @MoffKalast for cooperation and later making my app official.

Happy building!