Ludum Dare 33 Team creation or join

Hi I am looking to either join a team or create a team for the next upcoming Ludum Dare that runs from 8/21/15 through 8/24/15. If you have a team and are interested in bringing another person in I would love to join pm me I will share with you my Skype. If you are interested in forming a team all I ask is that you be passionate about completing the project using JME3, I also do not care how big or small the team is as long as I am not by myself for the 3 days.
I personally still classify myself as a beginner in JME3 I would say I am an intermediate to advanced java 6 programmer though. I want to be clear I have never participated in Ludum Dare and I am not 100% sure about how to go about getting in. My reasons for wanting to participate is because everyone who participates says it is challenging and rewarding as well a great learning experience. If you are interested please respond and if you aren’t interested but have advice please post below advice is always appreciated. I personally do not thinking I am capable of completing a Ludum Dare on my own, however I will strive to get one done anyway if no one wants to join me in this endeavor. So I hope someone joins me in this endeavor.



too busy to get into it myself, but I participated once and it is not that hard :smile:
You should participate even if you don’t find anyone!

You just need to make your project small enough to manage.
I made a small 2d mini game that, to be honest, had zero replay value.

People still enjoyed the game for the 2-3 minutes the game offered and
it was a very interesting challenge to manage the little time I had.

I used Slick2D back then (my first experience with it) and it was exactly on the weekend where
the documentation servers were offline for the first 48 hours. :joy:
That made me cut down a few more features from my game :smiley:

well it looks like I will be going it alone not too excited about working on my own though

My tips for LD, prepare your empty/template game project (it’s allowed) with all the lib, some default behavior,… (page navigation or a way to a have a intro page, a game, a end game page), with some fake image.
Prepare as much as you can.

Else LD in team works when (especialy with remote members):

  • the team has already do job together and when people know each other.
  • when role is clear and separeted : code, arts, design (eg: 2 jme coders is highly risky configuration)

LD is good to learn few things but not a full framework due to time constraint.

Anyway try to ship something it’s the “main” reward (+ the ability to test other game)
If it’s unfinished, ship anyway and notify user and don’t register to all category.

Good Luck (I’ll be in travel for next LD, but you can see my crappy compo at davidB | Ludum Dare )

grab a non-developer buddy of yours and develop a game with them.
I have done it before and it is fun. Just don’t expect much help from the person during development :stuck_out_tongue:

They can only help with design and playtesting. maybe graphics or music if they are an artist.

The main reason I am trying to get help is like i said in the OP is Ludum dare is going to be my form of motivation to continue using JME. Because I am having so much trouble with everything in jme3 that I figured if I joined with a more experienced jme developer I could learn more and not struggle as much doing basic things with the engine. Or if I got with another beginner 2 heads would be better than one and we could struggle together, and get something accomplished(mainly a game partially or fully completed).

Oh, well that didn’t change for me even after using jMonkey for a long time.
We didn’t have any code concerning spatials in months,
so our team always has to read up again when they work on the graphical part of the game.

You’re maybe off better starting small projects with features you
want to learn and visiting the forums when you have problems.

If you make a Gamejame together with another coder you will have to be in voice chat nearly 24/7 and communicate your interfaces. When I code together with team mates on a small project we usually have 1 guy code and the other 2 think or do other stuff.
Writing code with multiple team members is much easier on bigger projects when it’s easy to split the responsibilities/tasks.

In a gamejam, chances are you will have many many conflicts with eachother.

I understand the difficulties with working on a project with people in different locations, which is the exact reason why I am recruiting a month out to strive to get chemistry and coding styles down. So we do not have much confusion.