Ludum Dare 44 (Theme: Your life is currency)

Hi all.

This is me trying to fish out who will be participating in the 44th Ludum Dare?

I will most likely be.

Any other takers?

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I was vaguely intending to, but @grizeldi has other plans and I technically have a website to make with a deadline on sunday so probably not.

I really really want to… but I’m moving tomorrow and will likely be tied up or without a computer for the better half of it… and then I’m supposed to visit family on Sunday… so much for putting the date on the calendar months ago x.x

Hey people,

The theme is “Your life is currency”.

Any ideas for this theme for a game?

So after 4 hours of struggling to get and idea I have settled for a unique type of adventure plat-former.

I am however very happy with the unique look and feel I came up with.

I just hope it will work for the more complex scenes in this game.

I am making use of flat shading and the cartoon edge processor.


I have added some animations and my own character to the game but am stuck now with my idea.
I do not know which will be a better choice. That is why I post my problem.

  1. Make a game player vs player like mortal kombat.
  2. Or a platform adventure game.

Here is what I have so far.


I now come to an end of Day 1.
I am happy with the progress I made regardless of the FLU that is getting worst.

Check out my last video for day 1 of ludum dare.
This is my first time doing so many complex animations.
It is a big learning curve for me.

PS: Player 2 can’t move yet. Tomorrow I need to build some AI for it. I want 2 player game or campaign.


Hahah… naked toddlers beating the crap out of each other. Really fun looking.

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Thanks. It is not really the idea but it might be funny.
I might have to add clothes for them.

I know this is too much for a weekend project but since “life is the currency” it would be fun if they started as adults and lost age with their health.


And so after giving up on Sunday due to the flue BUG I decided yesterday to give it my all and finish at least what I have.
And fortunately for me I am happy with my results.
I wanted to build a Campaign game mode as well as a P v P multiplayer mode and I actually got to do it.
The AI on the campaign mode is not the best but it is okay for this game.

Please feel free to give my game a try, it is called “Paper Combat”.