Ludum Dare 46

“SDK we better when a team worked on it.” “No, one guy is already partly sort of half working on it so it’s fine.”

Make up your mind, I guess.

But I suppose hijacking unrelated threads is more fun than doing real work and actually helping. /peace out

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It just seems like SDK was more professional when it had more people to work on it, but that’s expected.

Sorry but I couldn’t help when he mentioned godot.

well my first reply was that its offtopic here and it was already discussed anyway.

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Make up your mind. Would it be better if more people worked on it or not?

It would be better, I want to actually make some bigger contributions to the engine (might be a while) first though before I start trying to lift up now side-projects.


Thanks for hijacking the theme guys.
This morning when I saw all the replies on this thread I thought wow… so much interest in my little game, BUT no… :frowning:

@grizeldi, for me the theme was not that difficult. The Friday before I thought of ideas for each theme, but only git time for one or two themes, then when the time started one of my themes was picked.


Yeah, we built a list of ideas for all possible themes as well, but ended up remaking the idea from scratch.
I’ve yet to playtest some games, so I’ll see how successful other teams were in the “not just an escort quest” department.

If in future game jams you guys are ever stuck for ideas, hit me up. For every game jam theme, I think of like 4-5 ideas but then I don’t have time to actually do anything about it.

I had four ideas for this one and only one of them could be seen as an ‘escort quest’ if you looked at it sideways. (If you consider Lemmings an escort quest… but let’s face it, real RPG escort quests often feel a LOT like Lemmings.)

Anyway, I have a hundred game ideas. I keep the best written down “just in case” (and that’s topping 30 games with actual initial design docs). It’s having the time to act on them that I lack. I get fun out of checking the themes and brainstorming a few ideas, though.


Thanks @pspeed,
I would love to hear some of the ideas you have.
One of the things I like to do in my spare time is to implement ideas in jME… hehe

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Yeah, you are as prolific with execution as I am with random ideas. Though you also seem to have no shortage of ideas.

For this “keep it alive theme”, my ideas were things like:

  1. puzzle game where you must harvest resources to both shelter and feed a fire
  2. a simple one: balloon juggling… keep them all in the air. I was thinking of the ancient PC “bouncing babies” game where you move a trampoline back and forth to save babies jumping out of a burning building. Balloons seemed ‘nicer’ and multiple balloons seemed like it would be challenging. Keep adding balloons for more ‘fun’.
  3. A single character Lemming’s like puzzle game where you just have to keep your Mr. Magoo from dying by rearranging tiles, removing dangers, etc.
  4. Keep a machine running by adding gears/pulleys/wires/etc. to route around malfunctions, repairing broken parts, oiling squeaky gears, etc…

Those were just in 10 minutes of thinking about it.

But also I’m the guy that goes to the random game name generator page and then tries to imagine the games it names… just for fun.

Edit: today’s second refresh: “Arcane Werewolf Colosseum” about one in five refreshes comes up with something just oozing with potential.


Those are really good ideas and I think they could have definitely work for this theme.
The one with the balloons sounds fun for a mobile game, hint hint…

California Game hackey sac. What a time to be alive.


Hey @jayfella, I remembered that game.
It was one of my favorite games when I was a kid.
I played it on my 286 in the day.


Hi @ndebruyn, I download and play the game that you post, it was interesting :grinning:. And when I read the source code of your game,I wander how did you create the 2d animation ?

Thanks @Simon. I made use of mesh manipulation.
I have a Sprite mesh that can dynamically change which row and column of a tile sheet to show.
Then I have a control that defines which tile to show over time.

Thanks @ndebruyn. I got it :grinning: