Ludum Dare 46

Hello monkeys,

This weekend was the 46th Ludum Dare and I decided since I am in lock down I can give it my best effort.

The theme for this challenge was “Keep it alive”.

It is then that I decided I had always wanted to make a 2D top down dungeon crawler game and this was I best opportunity for it.

I give you my game made in 72 hours, “Light in darkness”.
Link to LD page:


Congratulations! I played till the end. It was nice! It took me a while to figure out how not to die though.

Are you planning to release the source?


Cool game! Pretty hard, though!


Yes I do have source available for the game and it is up on github.


Thank you for sharing the source. I was looking for a small game example to read through.

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I’d share my own game, but it’s powered by Godot this time around :frowning:

How did you like the theme? It was a bit annoying coming up with an idea that wasn’t just a glorified escort quest.


shame on u :broken_heart:

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Godot is really growing right now, and that is likely because they are working towards the future. For example, they are well underway on adding Vulkan support. Here, there is almost nobody trying to move that far forward. I’m not complaining, but maybe we could use them as an example… :thinking:
If they can do it, why can’t we?

didnt you said you wait for Ricc pipeline? :slight_smile: that maybe will already have it or if not then you could add. dont worry, just dont write it here, its separate topic that was already discussed.

Yes I did, I’m just saying, we don’t have near as many people to help Ricc out, and they have lots of people dedicated to single projects. And they are community-based just like us, having a lot of dedicated members is not something that we can’t pull off.


And we can do that too, maybe make our Patreon button at the top of the home page and not hidden at the bottom of the page as it is now.
We are community based, and so are they
Its called advertising

Well in my team’s case it was not Vulkan or any fancy stuff, but simply the fact that it’s a free open source game engine with a working sdk where a lot of the stuff can be done graphically instead of having to write it in the code. In the past Ludum Dares, somehow not even having a JME sdk developer (me) on the team was enough to get the sdk up and running on some machines we used.
JME’s “everything in code” approach can be very flexible, especially for procedurally generated games, but in Ludum Dares, speed of development is the priority.
And well, due to more people working on it, Godot has some nice features that JME doesn’t, but that’s beside the point.

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Well, everything is always about advertisment.

If something is good but lack of community/advertisment, it will be not used by many anyway.

if something is bad, but used by many people and with good advertisment, then it will be used by many anyway.

the good/bad only affect in some percentage. Since its open-source and Java, most people who like Java and open-source projects will like this one too.

I totally understand what your saying.

Our front end (the engine) works very well right now, maybe we could focus more on the backend/side projects.

I agree that is a good place for it.

On the other hand, my gut tells me that money will flow when programmers become successful monetarily after using the engine. Kinda self serving interest for it to survive then.

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Best would be having “Foundation”, but since we dont have, everything depends on Jay, but i belive he will hire someone if money would be bigger.

There is always chance someone will suddenly make Awesome game, earn very much and move people to expand engine :wink: miracles can happen too.

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Gotta start somewhere.

jMonkey seemed to work fine when the core team worked on the SDK, it works fine now too, but since they stopped working on sdk, its fallen into a pit, that’s why I hope Jayfella is successful with his plugin based dev system.
And again I’m not complaining, I’m just taking data

We can look forward to ItsMike54 contributing to SDK development. You heard it here first, folks.


Maybe, someday. Somebody work on that already