Ludum Dare 53

Hi all,

Just creating this topic if anyone else out there using jME to compete in this times Ludum Dare 53.

Theme this time around is: Delivery

I have decided to join for mainly 3 reasons.

  1. I want to test my scene editor in a real world scenario.
  2. I want to test the jME-SDk v 3.6.0(pre-release3).
  3. I have an open weekend and want to have some fun coding time outside normal work.

So here is my game idea.

I am making a Horror game where you play a young girl that has to deliver a mysterious package to her grandma in a dark and scary forest. Sounds familiar right???

Here is an intro scene of where the girl receives the package from a strange old man.


So yesterday I made good progress with the intro scene of the game and setting up the player’s (Red) mission. Game loops are in place and character arm placement a bit off. Hehe. Check it out.

Next I am working on the arm swing action. I was thinking of making use of an Animation but decided it is a simple enough movement, so I made use of Tweens. Probably not a sustainable idea, oh well, this is for a game jam and no one cares, right?


Here is a video of the simple player attack which I have implemented.
When the character swings for the downward action I enable a rigid body collider in front of the player for a few seconds which will make the impact to the enemy or what ever impact needs to happen.


Got some progress to show. In between developing the game I am picking up bugs and lots of feature needed in my editor. As I go along I try to implement those feature in the editor and that causes my game dev to fall behind.


An example of such features is the ability to see the animations in the selected objects view.
Here is an example in editor. On the right hand side you will see the current animations for this ugly looking creature, Snapper Beetle.


Did you finish your game? I entered with my usual team (using Unity this time around), so I’m looking for games to playtest :slight_smile:

Well unfortunately I have not finished yet but decided I am going for the 3 week challenge.
The only reason for this is because I am fixing and building new features into my scene editor while making the game.
I have already added soooooo many features over this weekend which is the main reason I wanted to do the JAM this time round.
The problem for me is, if I publish a half finished game last night for the jam entry I would have stopped there and slowed down on development of the editor.
Therefor I will still try to finish the game, however I will also expand this editor I am working on.

How did it go with your LD53 entry?


I have just made a quick video of the intro scene of the game, just for people to see what it is about.


For us the established process went surprisingly smoothly this time around.

We completely skipped the “existential crisis” phase of a game jam which usually happens when nothing is working (either code or game design that was originally planned) at the end of day 2 of 3 and has been a staple of our game jams. We even managed to fit in some user testing, though implementing fixes based on the feedback took longer than it was initially planned, so we had to crunch till 4am to ship the game by the end of submission hour.

What didn’t go as planned was the amount of spaghetti code we had to write in order to handle all the corner cases that come from handling rotation in tile maps. When you start adding a random empirically measured offset vector to all the positions because things don’t work otherwise, it’s a good indicator you’re knee deep in spaghetti code.
That and the fact we discovered our art department has no idea about UI design mid jam. We really need to get someone who will work on UI full time during the jam :sweat_smile:

I won’t post pictures as it’s not made with JME, but if you want to check our game out, here’s the entry page:


Oh wow, it looks nice.
Yeah I know what you mean about

of a game jam. I normally get that about halfway into the last day.