LWJGL 2.6 Released!

A new version of LWJGL has been released, LWJGL 2.6.

Highlights include:

  • Support for OpenGL 4.1 and various new extensions.
  • Java 1.5 is now a minimum requirement (Java 1.4 dropped).
  • OpenCL support is now supported and part of LWJGL (including CL/GL interop).
  • New Installable Extension for JWS and JNLP Applets.
  • Various bug fixes and small improvements.


One of the highlights of this release is that LWJGL now supports OpenCL out of the box.

We can now parallelize many parts of jME3 to take advantage of OpenCL, and we don’t really need more natives or more libraries for it.

That is fantastic news!

Momoko_Fan said:
We can now parallelize many parts of jME3 to take advantage of OpenCL, and we don't really need more natives or more libraries for it.

Wow, that sounds super cool, should give a massive performance boost.

Just curious about OpenCL, for users to use it does it require something additional to be installed (like a driver) or is it part of the graphics drivers?

Opencl runs in Graficcard when supportet, else it should run in software mode.

Some Radeon cards requires ATI Stream SDK to get OpenCl acceleration.This has to be downloaded and installed separately.

Anyone doing openCL stuff with/for jMonkeyEngine? Haven’t seen any recent posts about it.

I’m working on some pretty math heavy-AI (lots of individuals doing pathfinding over large spaces etc.), but i’m working with LWJGL for that atm.

If someone is doing, or is thinking about doing stuff like that it would be cool to know. In fact anything related to it, GPGPU stuff, multithreading (if it’s supposed to be used in jmonkeyengine at some point).

Yes, lwjgl has support for OpenCL and we are thinking about how to implement it into jME3 the best way. @Momoko_Fan actually had a java bytecode to OpenCL converter working locally but its probably not the way to go ^^ At any instance, it has to be used properly to be of any more use than having a buzzword on the package.

how about this one?


Aparapi is an API for expressing data parallel workloads in Java and running those workloads on a compatible GPU if possible.

Thanks for the info normen. I guess adding it to jmonkey and have it work well for every system and in conjunction with everything else in the engine would be a monumental task.

Personally i’m working with LWJGL directly atm. and its ok. All i had to do (besides the code) was to copy the openCL.dll to the lwjgl natives folder. Windows 7 laptop, intel cpu/graphics. If someone else is and want to bounce around some ideas it would be fun. I am not an expert however, still learning. Just an enthusiast.

Haven’t read much about Aparapi, don’t see a reason to use that tho since there’s already support in lwjgl for it.

Also, a big shout-out to Intel for their crappy openCL SDK whos sample projects failed to load, and in the process broke my visual studio express beyond repair. It is actually true. The “c/c++ general” folder in the properties window is gone, even after uninstalling and putting it back in. I’ve tried everything. It worked before.

androlo said:
The LWGJL implementation seems kind of crappy when you start looking at the other ones. Again - not an expert.

Its still early days for LWJGL's OpenCL implementation, do drop any comments and problems you have about it on the LWJGL forums so that it can be improved accordingly.

Ok wrong choice of words, there’s nothing “wrong” with it, just feels a bit too light; lacking a lot of nice features some of the others have.

Going at it with JavaCL now, lots of nice features there. Gonna keep developing in that and then switch to the LWJGL one, perhaps. Gonna start implementing some basic stuff in my jmonkey prog within the next few weeks.

Although i’m only aiming at making it work on my machine atm. im still gonna have to come up with a way to share the buffers in CL/GL, and do some other poopy-work, which may be useful to someone else. i will put it up when it works in case someone wants to have a look at it.

It’ll be done in a month or so, i hope. At least the basic stuff. :slight_smile: