Mad Skills Motocross

I am ready to announce my upcoming game, Mad Skills Motocross.

Check out the trailer here:

Big thanks to all the developers of jME, I’ll surely pester all of you some more since the game is scheduled for release in February 2008.

So, what do you all think? Got any potential?

UPDATE: There is now a developer diary.

Oooh, looks very fun to play! :slight_smile: And the player/bike interaction looks great!

Just wish that dark rider would roll even more after crashing. :smiley:

looks great! nice work!

(care to mention jME anywhere?  :D)

Looks great . It appears to be 2D why not make it 3D or emphasize the 3Dness more.

I know from experience that most players look down on 2D games even though they are as hard to develop as 3D.

Where can you download a demo ?

Looks like fun! Reminds me of that game for nintendo Excite Bike, except with much more control and ragdoll physics!

Very cool!  :slight_smile:

looks a lot like this:

Awesome physics use on the player character!

Very very cool.  I actually like the existing programmer art.  It's very stylized.  imho, when you add official art, please consider not trying for ultra-realism because the cartoon look actually makes it more appealing to me.  :)  (And for some reason it seems to emphasize the coolness of the physics you've already implemented.)

And yeah, why no mention of jME anywhere?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your nice comments, everyone.

but why is 'Linux' written smaller than the other OS'es?

Well, because Linux users are notoriously cheap and never pay for anything. I'd better start running now.

It appears to be 2D why not make it 3D or emphasize the 3Dness more.

The 3D part of it will be more evident when there are four bikes side-by-side. I quite like the parallax scrolling though and would never trade that for a more three-dimensional background. You are right, however. Maybe I should jot down some "2D in 3D" bullet on the product page.

Reminds me of that game for nintendo Excite Bike

Excite Bike was certainly a big inspiration for Mad Skills Motocross. (laying out some bait for the lawyers :) )

consider not trying for ultra-realism because the cartoon look actually makes it more appealing to me

Yeah, to me too. And it will probably be cheaper as well.

And yeah, why no mention of jME anywhere?

As I see it, the product page has three purposes only:

  • Get potential customers to download the demo

  • Get potential customers to sign up for the newsletter

  • Get potential customers to join the forum

I don't think potential customers in general care about how it was developed. So I'll save mentioning jME, Java, Jakobsen, LWJGL, etc. for the developer diary or the forums. Hope you all see the reasoning behind this and won't despise me for it  :D

The next step is to find a good artist, anyone know someone?

And then I am going to make the rider roll along the ground even more, Gathers, as it was requested in another forum as well. :)

EDIT: Baune, there is no demo yet. I expect to be able to crank out an alpha-test in September and beta in October. I'll be sure to let the jME community know about it.

Looks really good, and I completely agree on the appearance - the simple black rider looks great, reminds me a little of the LCD guys on old Nintendo Game&Watch, or the Ninja in N I was also wondering, any chance of some crazy tracks with loops like in Motocross Maniacs?

Linux users are notoriously cheap and never pay for anything
hehe, sounds like me  ;)
good lookin game cant wait to play!

looking good!! write a development diary, we'll read it

how did you implement the physics ?



There is now a developer diary, which I intend to update monthly. The first entry was published today, and contains some stuff about jME.

Check it out: Turborilla developer diary

very nice. and i'm glad you found your artist. he seems very capable. his illustration style seems to fit your game very good :wink:

I really enjoyed reading through your dev diary.  Looking forward to the next entry. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words, sfera and renanse… I did have some doubts about whether anyone would find it interesting, so I needed that encouragement :slight_smile: .

Tobias, I'd also like to say, awesome post on your developer journal, very detailed! I'm looking forward to reading your next post.

The next diary entry is now published, check it out if interested in AI (Neural Nets in particular). Not any jME stuff there, I’m afraid.–07–brains.html

The third article in the Turborilla Developer Diary is published:–07–new-graphics-screenshots-and-videos.html

It’s mostly about the graphics my artist has produced, and some coool videos. No mention of jME because I haven’t had to wrestle it into submission lately, I’ve been busy doing that to FengGUI.

Don’t feel bad about that, Schabby, it’s still the best alternative as far as I am concerned. Some AngelCode fonts in there and it looks lovely :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t want this to come off as a shameless plug. Just tell me to shut the f up in a private message and I will.