Made a small sample project in Kotlin for management games

I’ve always been dreaming of building some management / base building / factory building game one day. Here is a tiny sample project with the very, very basics to start such a game. I’m going to iterate on that for my own projects.


Welcome to our community, and thank you for sharing your work!

Would you think it may be something you might submit to our software store?

Also, some screenshots would be great!



There’s a screenshot on the GitHub page.

It’s probably too simple to be added to the store. It’s more like a tutorial. But I’m not sure yet what the store thing is all about. I’ll have a look thought.

Oh I see the store also features tutorials. So I guess it could fit in.


Update: I added a few functionalities:

  • Add machine based on a blueprint (position, orientation, validation of placement)
  • Determine whether machine can work (based on other elements on the map)

Update: Path finding and basic tasking / Worker is bringing crates to machines so they can function

Might do a more elaborate dev vlog soon, but I’m short on time.

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