Main Beginner Questions

Hey guys,

someone of you already know, that I plan to program a 3D - rollplaying game, like Might and Magic 6. Here is the tasklist:

  • Ingame GUI / Menu GUI: Done!

  • Movement: Done!

  • Characterstats like HP/MP etc. : Done!

  • Terrain and LOD Control: Done!

  • Gamelogic: Done!

  • Aimingcontrol / Fireing and damaging: Done!

Things on my worklist:

  • Arrow shootdirection

  • NPC movement like follow player, attack player, random movement etc.

  • Trees, Bushes, Caves etc.

And now my questions:
1. I would like to build trees and bushes on my terrain heightmap. I want it really simple! No animations or something. Models are avaible, I only need a tutorial or something, how to make a scene, placing models on the heightmap and generate it. The scenecomposer is unbelievable buggy. Not possible to work with! I would use blender. Any ideas how to make a scene, loading the heightmap into it and placing the envireoment?
2. this.setLinearVelocity(Vector3f direction)! I need to change the cam.getDirection() to upperleft, because the center of the screen is not the center of my gameWindow! Any ideas how to change the direction to a bit upperleft? Like cam.setDirection(cam.getDirection().clone().add(??upperleft??))
3. Is there any samplecode for random NPC movement? Like walking around, change walkdirection on collision etc. I would be very happy :)

If you have any question, dont be shy to ask me :) I'm happy for everything!

Thanks for the help :)


PS: I will update this thread, if I change the tasklist :)

Hey guys! I’ve heard about a map editor for jME! Do you have experience in this? I am working with a mac and downloaded Monkey World 3D… No tutorials, no helpforums etc. Do you have other software?

Thank for help!

First off, the thing about support inquiries is that it’s much more helpful to other users if you ask your questions one at a time, with a title more specific to that one problem. This makes it easier for other users to search the forum and find issues identical to theirs, effectively avoiding duplicate support threads soaking up the developers’ time. I’m writing a site guide as we speak, so our “forum norms” will be easier to grasp for new users :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to any of your questions except this last one. The map editor you’re talking about is TerraMonkey. You can already create terrains with it, but there is not a visual editor implemented yet. Apparently @Sploreg will have have a lot of free time in the month of December though, so let him know what you want for Christmas and I’m sure he’ll do his darndest. TerraMonkey is only for jME3 though.

MonkeyWorld3D is a defunct editor for jME2, I would advise against using it as there’s no way we can provide any support for it.