Make shiny objects "glare" on camera

In my fps game, i am trying to focus on the gun graphics at the moment. I really like the lighting effects in call of duty black ops 2, and where the sun is reflecting directly into the camera, there is sort of a faint glow around that portion of the model. I have tried to get the effect with bloom on the whole scene, but I only want the gun to do this. Any ideas how to get this cool effect that makes the reflections look super bright?

if that’s what you can see in the right corner of this pic

That’s definitely Bloom.
And it’s applied to the whole scene, it’s just that the highlight is on the gun.
What was not working with bloom?

Yep that’s exactly what I’m talking about! The problem is that I don’t know how to make it apply mainly to the gun, becuase then the skybox and everything white glows too, even if I don’t want it to. Also, I can only make it bloom white, not that slight yellowish hue. In order for it to glare more, I have to change the blur factor which in turn, blurs the whole scene,
Giving me a look I don’t want. Is it possible to specify what objects to recieve more of this bloom?

HDR with bloom might be the solution, setting to bloom to only work where oversaturation is, and using the hdr to properly account for normal lighting conditions.

How do I do that? I added an HDRRender and it makes the game really wierd, like when I aim at the sun the screen brightens and when I look away it darkens, and it basically cancels out the bloom.