Makehuman program available (FREE)

There’s a new program for the modeling of 3D characters. It has exporters for Collada and Wavefront OBJ. The program is FREE (or so they say on the web page). Find out more at


Has anybody managed to load a model exported by makehuman into jme? The collada exporter seems to be incomplete, I can only get the skeleton.

From the programs homepage (First post link is dead, here is the correct link):

MH0.9.1 exports in collada or obj format.
Export in collada format allows a skeleton structure perfectly adapted to character to be obtained automatically. At the moment the vertex linking must be done by users, but for version 0.9.2 full support for all features will be provided.

It is very possible that the Collada object would not be transferred in automatically in full beauty.. but I read this quote as 'we do not export it in full beauty yet' also.

Anyways the program looks nice.. I wonder if anyone has given this a more serious try and can comment..?

Edit: since the source is available I guess the best bet would be to try and make an importer from their native format yourself, if Collada fails.

Thank you very much for this overview… I am sure it is appreciated by many others in addition to myself :slight_smile:

hope it helps :wink:

If somebody has infos about the mentioned "good workflow" let me know… :wink:

and… read this somewhere in the makehuman forums… lowPoly features might be included soon.

Looks like they changed their main link. It's now

I do not find so simple to use Makehuman. I tried MakeHuman 0.9.1RC1, though. I do not know if you used some SVN/CVS bleeding edge version.

Some targets in 0.9.1RC1 still have no icon and no name. And some body areas still have no control target. Mesh is ~good, I agree, but deformations are totally wrong and confusing sometime.

Though, it could be a good tool, we could contribute back suggesting improvements to the team; or helping them to develop some parts.

I hope there will be a simpler pipeline someday especially without the need of expensive modeler software. Makehuman is really great and a shorter way to jME would help the jME programers a lot (an artist will have some tools to get what he wants).