Maker's Tale : Tech Demo Walkthrough Video

A bunch of new progress:
- simplified wireframe UI placeholders
- mulitplayer + chat
- community map sharing
- hero character
- game rule + resource rules enforced
- heaps of stuff to help getting it 'playable'
- unit upgrades
- new models - archer, enemy


Awesome stuff, the game board is just stunning :). The UI looks very neat like this already, the simple transparent style works well. The music in the video is a tad too loud in the agitated parts and covers the text a bit. Maybe you can simply cut the highs or compress it down a bit. Generally music already starts to work at subliminal levels so as a general rule rather turn it lower than higher. But the whole feel is very charming, you’ll gain fans with this format :slight_smile:

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Cheers @normen, thanks heaps for the feedback… I know game coding, I don’t know the other stuff so it’s great to get input on things like music and art :slight_smile: It’s worth mentioning the UI changes came about as a result of a conversation I had with @pspeed, he made some great suggestions on how I could easily change things up.

This looks really good! Nice work James

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Just beautiful. The new UI elements are much slicker, too… way less distracting.

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

The time was right to jump on IndieDB:


imagination of young boy named Maker

imagination of a young boy named Maker

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@zarch thanks

awwwwwww yeaaaah

so… when can we pre-order?

[EDIT] whoops, i somehow totally missed the other post. still, i’m very excited to eventually see the finished product. also, when i searched topic titles for “maker’s tale” it only returned the other post. strange…

@knucklesandwich said:
awwwwwww yeaaaah

cool thanks, I didn't see that.

I just found this : :)

Pre-orders come when it's tested enough and it has some more content, all you can really do now is make maps and command troops.
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Maybe it’s obvious, but here’s a tip I know @phr00t can attest to: Comment on these articles. Every single one of them you come by, drop the author/fans a couple lines. I’ve seen you already doing a good job of this on IndieDB, and here of course, but all those other indie blogs and game magazines is your chance to connect with the part of your audience that is into games, but not involved enough to be on sites like and IndieDB.

Speaking of which, have you started thinking about where you want to build your community? E.g. here, indiedb or your own site. Catch me online some time if you want to talk about it. Edit: …and that we did :stuck_out_tongue:

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