Making a grass plane using blender

Hi there
I want to make a grass plane model in blender & place that grass on top of this playground :

I have tried blender particle hair modifier , but there seems to be problems with texturing & exporting to gITF or something wrong with importing & exporting particleEmitters

What do you suggest ?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Grass is usually particle system in games. It is made from single plane with texture with alpha channel. So you need terrain plane and grass particle planes put on it. This is theory.

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So, can I make something like multiple Spatials rising up from the ground or a screen Filter ?

Probably yes. I’m better in blender than in JME engine. :slight_smile:

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There is a hair modifier in blender , & it seems very nice , but when applying the modifier & extracting it … it doesn’t work

If you use particle in game it will be much more efective than export this from blender - but I send you general idea how to do that in blender. See file.


Thanks @winhelp , I will check it & inform you if it works with me !

you just make custom mesh with transparent grass with 2 quads, its known as “X grass”.

or you make single quad grass that always look x/z at camera.

but generally all of this should contain low amount of geometries, so should be batched into single geoms.

There are other ways for a grass ofc too.